I need to do something, how can I get involved?

March 14, 2016

I need to do something, how can I get involved?

When suicide touches our lives, in the months and years after, many of us have a burning desire to help others. We don’t want any other person to go through what we went through.

So how do we harness this new purpose and drive into making an impact and a difference? Everyone finds their own way, however for myself, in 2009 I created a Facebook page called The Aidon Project. The main purpose initially was to have a safe space for Aidons friends and my own family to go to and read about information related to suicide prevention and bereavement support.

Back in 2009 it was extremely hard to get your personal story and message across unless you were affiliated with a big organisation. I volunteered with numerous local and national organisations, doing everything I could to gain more knowledge and insight into the mental health and suicide prevention sectors.

People often ask what can they do to get involved and my message is still the same – find out what is already happening in your community and join up with them. Link up and network with other people. Volunteer for local organisations, attend community events or become apart of one of the numerous┬álocal support groups around the country.

There are some incredible resources available if you are just starting out and trying to find your way in the sector, one of these is the Communities Matter website, along with the Suicide Prevention Australia video on Community Action.

Every conversation you have makes a difference and the work you do helps save lives, it matters.

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