Is this what they call a journey of discovery? 

August 31, 2016

It’s been 12 weeks in between blogs. 
You know when we have these grand intentions of doing something, we know it’s worthwhile and we could do it no problem, and then we just don’t. 

I had every intention of blogging my little heart out about all of the experiences that I was having… and then I didn’t. 

I found myself experiencing something, and wanting to reflect on it first before putting it out into the universe. could I call that growth? or maybe I just didn’t have anything worthwhile to say. 

Well this 3 months has been unique. I had always dreamed of doing what I am right now and it is so surreal. I have learnt things about myself that I never would have discovered had I not taken this leap of faith. 

I know what I’m talking about (most of the time);

I knew I had some knowledge and expertise in the area of suicide prevention but what I didn’t realize was that my message and knowledge wasn’t just coming from a lived expertise perspective. It was also coming from a base of training, development and working in a sector. My knowledge in Recovery practices, Strength Based skills and peer supported programs is something that the USA is craving more knowledge on. I used to think that I was just really good at ‘faking it, till I made it”. We are all a little guilty of allowing that self doubt to enter our minds occasionally, however I am feeling comfortable in my own mind that I can add value to conversations ranging from clinical practice to policy development and everything in between. This is a true testament to the amazing organizations and programs I have had the privilege of working with. Anglicare WA & the PHaMS program has set me up with some of the most impactful lessons and tools for this work. I am going to continue to learn and grown, all the while sharing my knowledge with anyone who wants to listen. 

Workshops are my groove; 

Kevin & Joe are incredible at delivering powerful messages of hope and triumph over adversity and I can equally tell my story but I came to the realization that my strength is combining both my story and a workshop format into one. The interaction I have with people and the audiences I am privileged enough to be with, radiate an energy that I love to engage with and at times, challenge them to think a little differently. 

There is more to my story; 

I have always crafted my story from the time after Aidon died. I never thought anyone would want to hear about my life before that but you know what, I have lived through some pretty amazing life lessons and these can always be incorporated into my story. I pigeon holed myself into a small box of what I could talk about, when in fact, I have much more to tell and share. 

Never alone; 

I can’t do this alone. I am a person who much prefers to do something by myself because I know I can get it done and get it done well but I now know it is a team effort. Trusting each other is key to success. I am now apart of a team of people who are strategically planning to disrupt the status quo in the suicide prevention and mental health sectors and it feels empowering. We have each other’s backs. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that, however deep down, we are all in it for the right reasons. 

Supporters are crucial; 

I only truly trust a few people in my life. These people are special. A select few individuals who support me to the ends of the earth and back. You know who you are and after being on a journey of self discovery these past few months, I am reminded that I need to make sure you know how important you are to me and my journey. So thank you… this extremely personal blog post should make up for it haha 

I am an incredibly spiritual person;

I have always been ‘connected’ to something higher than myself but I never placed emphasis on spending the time to develop or test those skills. I am starting to delve a little deeper, feel a little more, open myself up and trust that the process will only make me a more fulfilled person. It’s exciting. 

As I sit here at the gate, about to board the last flight of 5, which will land in Perth, I am tired, bloated, thankful, optimistic, scared and excited all at the same time. 

This is happening … and I’m ready! 

xx LB 

Here’s To New Adventures …

April 15, 2016

In life, we are told that if we work hard enough and are passionate about something, then opportunities will present themselves. I had seen this first hand in much of the work I have been doing over the last 7 years, however the last 4 months have jetted at a speed that even I wasn’t ready for.

During my last trip to the USA it became clear that there was so much more I could be doing over there and if I really wanted to jump out of my comfort zone and try something different, then I could and should.

From June 4th, I will be embarking on an equal parts exciting and terrifying personal & professional journey that will see me based in Atlanta, USA for a number of months. Working alongside Kevin & Margaret Hines and Joe Williams, we will be developing and delivering mental health and suicide prevention programs to schools and organisations.

We will create and deliver innovative workshops, challenge the norm and aim to change the game of how mental health and suicide prevention is tackled in that country. We will be working alongside incredible people who are doing amazing work in the sector, many of whom we have had the privilege of meeting during our recent trips.

Not many people are given such incredible opportunities to test themselves and whilst I will be away for an extended period of time, away from the love and support of my family and husband, I know that the work I will be doing will have a direct impact on peoples lives and will only contribute to me becoming a better person. Bringing back insight and knowledge I gain from the experience will, I hope, only benefit the work I do here.

Life is full of surprises and I can’t wait to start this next chapter of my life. So watch this space …. some exciting things are coming …

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