Guest Blogger: Tania Claxton – ‘Black Dog Ride’

March 24, 2016

I am constantly amazed by the people who are passionate and dedicated to saving lives. I am even more amazed when little reminders of Aidon are integrated and included in what other people do. Tania Claxton is an incredible woman who asked if she could include Aidons name on her jacket for the Black Dog Ride. What an honour. This is her recap of why this event was so important.

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“We rode on Sunday to give all our support to depression and suicide, the black dog ride promotes every year. I ride on behalf of a few of my lost friends in recent years. We can not predict when and where depression is about to take its toll, we can only make people aware of symptoms and support them to take the steps needed to become well. Awareness and communication is a great way to help those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Because depression is usually a silent killer of many of our family and friends. We say do not suffer alone there is help out there so for gods sake please reach out and get the help needed to get well. Because there is always people like us, your family, your friends or even others that will always lend you a hand and heart for you to heal. Please support the black dog ride and please send the message R U OK. Thinking of these friends of mine on every ride and everyday, Aidon Breen, Craig Cook and Tommy G. Alias Tommy Grigsby. Please get the help needed before it is too late” God bless – Tania Claxton

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