Your Crew

May 1, 2016

Photo by: Renee Gartner

I have just spent a weekend with family. This family are not blood related but they are ‘purpose’ related. We share a deep sense of purpose and love for life and what we do.

A good friend said something to me over dinner this week. He said “Loz, it’s ok to have people come and go from our lives. People pop up when we need them and we connect with people who make us fuller” 

And this is so true. My life has gone from 0 to 1000 in the last few months but I get such a sense of calm and freedom when I am surrounded by my mental health family. 

The amazing group of humans who I spent this weekend with, are some of the most beautiful souls you will meet and are joining my ever growing crew. Some I have known a while, some are brand spanking new 🙂 

Who are your crew? who are those people who make you better? who are those people who get you deep down to your core?  

These people contribute to your life purpose and we are so very lucky to have them. I’m learning to show them how much I care more and more. 

Here’s to good weekends, good friends and doing what we love with the people we love.