3,218 people..

3,218 friends & family..

3,218 lives lost to a preventable illness..

This week the Australian¬† Bureau (I can never spell this word… google you saved me) of Statistics released their latest suicide data. It stung. It has been shared across numerous social media platforms, websites and on TV and in many ways we have become accustomed to seeing data like this.

I have spent 10 years of my life trying to make a difference in the lives of others and in some small way try and reduce the number of people who end their lives by suicide. So when we see the numbers, the people, increase, it stings and it feels like a kick right to the gut. But why do we take this so personally? Working in this field should be a selfless act, we do it not for ourselves but for the betterment of others. I can only speak for myself but I question daily what I am doing to help others, what I’m doing to stop another Aidon from taking his life and what I can do to just make life a little bit better for someone else. And maybe that is where a lot of us get it wrong from time to time. We focus so much on others, on helping people on trying to save others that we fail to pause and reflect on how far we have come as our own person.

Geez life can be hard. I have experienced loss and grief to an extent I wouldn’t wish upon anyone but it moulds you, it drives you but it also numbs us in a way.

3,218 people chose to end their lives in 2017 (Australia) and it is hard to be ok with that. To just accept that this is ok. I am so fortunate to work with people all over the world. People who have their own demons, experiences and stories. They work tirelessly to make a difference, to change peoples lives and to help people realise that NOT being ok is actually ok.

So today when you see those statistics, pause and remember that every little thing we do matters. They may seem small and isolated, but they matter. Sharing a video on Facebook, tagging a friend on a Lifeline post or asking someone “Are You OK?” are all so very important.

Im trying hard to not be so hard on myself. I cried today looking at those statistics, but I also have to remember that what we do matters and we are making a difference, one conversation at a time. I commend every single person out there who is trying to make a difference. This isn’t easy work but it matters.

3,218. You are still loved. You were worthy, even if you might not have been able to see it. You will be remembered.

Love is pure and connection is powerful. One day at a time we will help people stay here.